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Surface Design Show 2020


What our experts thought...

Even with the chaos of Storm Ciara, a few of the Workspace Solutions team succeeded on travelling down for Surface Design Show. It’s a fantastic event solely focusing on interior and exterior surface materials in the Islington Business Design Centre. The perfect opportunity to seek out new suppliers, ideas and trends.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a constant reinvention of art deco geometry without the adornment; minimally transforming its way, one step at a time like the raking of a Japanese zen garden. With this mindful attitude comes with great responsibility, many designers on the front line are responding to the issue of sustainability through the creation of new materials.

1. Reed Harris, 2. Christina Rigler, 3. Studio Philipp Hainke, 4. Ty Syml 

Notably, Studio Philipp Hainke's product Organico, use of hemp is innovative as the material is formed with an adhesive composed of calcium hydroxide and casein. Therefore, achieving a material which is light and stable, as well as non-toxic, Co2 Neutral and 100% biodegradable.

If there was an award for the most original stand; Surface Matter would win for their imitation of a sweet shop with giant Bencore gummy bears, Durat Terrazzo Lollipops and Richlite Cakes. It was a humorous and whimsical take on presenting the materials as adaptable to a variety of shapes and uses. Also the chocolatier, BRIK provided the taste of terrazzo playing with the senses.

From one sense to another, the importance of acoustics has come into the spotlight. This newfound awareness and realising the impact it can have on our health, happiness and productivity, has pioneered designers to not only make environments look good but also sound good. Soundtect effectively executed a replica of wooden beams by printing the wood effect on their panels and presented them vertically. Textura exhibited numerous acoustic panels from their newly launched Zintra range highlighting the extensive collection of colour and pattern.

1. Soundtect, 2. Anne Kyyro Quinn, 3. Innerspace Cheshire, 4. Textura

1. Corian, 2. Smile Plastics, 3. Stone Federation Great Britain, 4. 3FORM, 5. Amron Architectural

For 2020, we predict teal green colours with a metallic sheen to be prevalent in the year ahead. It provides warmth with a modern but industrial edge, reminiscent of copper rusting. Smile plastics transforms waste into a panel with a spectrum of applications; they have great examples of kitchen worktops, furniture and art installations. The stone tapestry designed by Squire & Partners for Stone Federation Great Britain was truly beautiful. It told a poetic story of global discovery through the selection of the stone.

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